Hi I'm Mike principle photographer at Belstar Photography other titles I go by are Mikey Mike, Dad , paddle boarder , house renovation man , Gadget guy , Central Coast wedding photographer, Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer , Port Macquarie Wedding Photographer & professional wedding photographer. 

 Most importantly, I’m happiest when I have a camera in my hand!

I LOVE my job,

The Man behind the camera

I am laid back, and have been told I relate well with all types of people.

I am married to the wonderful Deborah ( who often works as my assistant ) , i’m a dad to Jessa , step pop as well and pack leader to our two fur babies, Maddy and Loki.

I try to keep fit and live a healthy life style.

I get to witness and celebrate some of the beautiful moments in couples and families lives. 

At a wedding I like to blend in like the black ninja and provide clear instruction when needed appropriate to the occasion . When not at a wedding about the exact opposite always with a opinion & funny tale .

Thants me & Maddy at Sawtell

More about me

• I am passionate about every thing I do . 

• I am energetic , patient and a little bossy at times.

• I cry at weddings more so afterwards when editing

• I am a animal lover of all and have loved birds, cats and dogs

• Have 2 spoilt dogs of my own Maddy and Loki 

• I can tell a funny story or 4. 

• I like to be organised with your big day 

• I write with my right hand but play golf and tennis as a lefty 

• My favourite colour is blue & my favourite word is “fantastic” .

• My favourite movie is the love guru ( Mike Myers )

• I love new gadgets and do all my own editing

• I am always looking towards the future with a positive approach to everything I undertake

My favourite saying is

Never Blame anyone in your life

The good people give you happiness. The bad people give you experience.

The worst people give you a lesson. The best people give you lots of great memories.


I have always had a camera in my hands and as a teenager had my own dark room at home . Started out shooting underwater - surfing photos ( before waterproof camera's ) Still have my original Nikon F . Most of my working life has been in the corporate world in the computer industry. In my 20's I was souring and buying all the the computer related tech for Dick Smith then on my own startup Micra Digital which we sold to Belkin where I worked for 10 years as local Managing director & Asia Pacific director. Yes you can google me to see more . I have always been a gadget guy particularly camera tech and was one of the first owners of Nikons first pro DSLR the D3 when it launched in Australia which opened up the digital photography landscape.


I am a people person but at a wedding I am very much in the background wanting to capture those moments as they unfold . Every wedding is unique and very special in different ways to each couple. I like to get to know my couples and tailor my interaction to their needs. After a successful business career and now over 250 weddings I am good at reading the room and doing what’s needed to achieve the required results .

I think it’s good for you to get on with your photographer and feel like he is family and more often than not it feels like this for me. That said I am conscious of the fact that I am providing a service and will be remembered for some shot I missed or story not told and am always prepared to engage appropriately on the day as the director if need be . I like to over prepare and plan so on the day I can react and take advantage of things that occur often resulting in some of my most memorable shots . After the wedding when I am reviewing photos with the couple I often hear “ I don’t remember you taking that or where were you “ it ‘s music to my ears and I am pretty sure any candid wedding photographer .

Each year I take on a limited amount of clients so that I can give everyone the same amount of time and attention.


Setup a obligation free time to speak and or meet to discuss your Wedding Story or call me ( Mike ) on 0413001777. We have several special offers including half price album offers , free engagement / pre wedding shoot .

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