It's a question I often get asked. Do i need a second Photographer. Then if so why ? It's an additional cost there is no way around this and depending on which photographer you speak with all will have a different response.

I will declare my bias in that even though i shoot more weddings without a second photographer i am a fan of a second photographer and in my case the additional benefits it can bring. By using a second photographer with a similar style you know and have worked with gives many benefits and in my case we offer a number of inclusions such as ceremony video and slideshow at reception. Ceremony aerial footage . My pricing page details these options and costs.  

Pro's - Reasons why you may need a second photographer

For example, if you’re having a large wedding (120,+ guests) you will likely want a second shooter, especially if there are several events happening at once. That way, the main photographer can capture the formal events like the family portraits, cake cutting, and first dance while the second shooter gets the awesome unposed, behind-the-scenes images that round out your story and often become the favourite captures of the day. 

The obvious one is the ability to capture both groom and bride getting ready at separate locations after all you cannot be in 2 places at once, but it's a lot more than that . In a church one can be overhead at the back the other in close. It allows for you to be well ahead of the bride arrival while the other captures every detail even being able to see the he car leave knowing the second shooter is at the church or other waiting.

From experience having a second shooter with you for a 10 hour day or more almost guarantee's nothing will be missed and can provide a number of added benefits. 

Con's - 

The obvious one is the cost and understandable if you're on a budget . Could be the difference in being able to have that large format Album.

Many photographers feel another photographers style doesn't match and after all you have probably selected your photographer based on his style or images and this could have some impact. 

Many photographers employ someone just for a few hours or to double as their assistant and second shooters are often in training so always verify the second photographers credentials. Ask wether the second could fill in for the main photographer if he was ill.