I am offering full refunds on new and existing bookings for weddings caused by COVID related disruptions.

Most agreements in any business have some form of " act of god " clause which provides for full refunds and i have updated my wedding agreement to include COVID related matters as an "Act of God " .

If either the bride , groom or other key party gets sick at the last minute, this could have devastating consequences.

I would want to rebook at another time subject to availability as my first option , however , if this is not possible because of conflicting schedules I will provide a full refund.

The initial booking confirmation fee which is typically non - refundable and designed to cover missed opportunity for other Weddings not taken has been reduced to 20% and is subject to discussion based on level of work completed.

My normal cancellation policy as per my agreement will apply to all other situations but hope this offer gives couples piece of mind when planning their wedding.

Give us a call or contact us for further info.

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